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The Central Delta Water Agency is a local governmental agency governed by a three-member Board of Directors with the following general purposes: 


"(a) The general purposes of the agency shall be to take all reasonable and lawful actions, including to negotiate, enter into, execute, amend, administer, perform, and enforce one or more agreements with the United States, the State of California, or other entities, and to pursue legislative and legal actions that have for their general purposes either of the following:

  1. To protect the water supply of the lands within the agency against intrusion of ocean salinity; and

  2. To assure the lands within the agency a dependable supply of water of suitable quality sufficient to meet present and future needs.

(b) The agency may also undertake activities to assist landowners and local districts within the agency in reclamation and flood control matters."  (Water Code Appendix section 117-4.1, subds. (a) & (b).)

"The agency may assist landowners, districts, and water right holders within the agency's boundaries in the protection of vested water rights and may represent the interests of those parties in water right proceedings and related proceedings before the State Water Resources Control Board and the courts of this state and the United States, to carry out the purposes of the agency."  (Water Code Appendix section 117-4.2, subd. (b).)

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